"If you need a home, or land to roam, call the @RealEstatePoet on the phone!"

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SenseUncommon Real Estate in St. Augustine/Jacksonville

SenseUncommon Real Estate in St. Augustine/Jacksonville

SenseUncommon Real Estate in St. Augustine/Jacksonville

Your questions about credit, Insurance, HOA/CDD, flood zones, or income deserve honest, straightforward answers. Trust me to help you through the process and provide you with correct/concise information. I'll make sure you feel respected, listened to and valued every step of the way. 

THE @RealEstatePoet

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SenseUncommon Real Estate in St. Augustine/Jacksonville

SenseUncommon Real Estate in St. Augustine/Jacksonville

If you need a home, or some land to roam, call the Real Estate Poet on the phone. From 1.5 to your own beach dive, I'm there for you and that's no lie! 

Call me today. (Cell: 513-675-2603) 

Real Estate in Jacksonville. Real Estate in St. Augustine.


YOU Come First

SenseUncommon Real Estate in St. Augustine/Jacksonville

YOU Come First

When you're ready to make one of the biggest financial decisions of your life, it's important to have someone looking out for you. No one has all the answers, it's just important to know where to find them. I can safely say that I will not be out-worked or caught off guard. I was raised to listen, support and then solve. You can feel safe with the fact that I will turn over every stone and research every database, to make sure you and your family get exactly what you're looking for.

Customer Checklist



HOA Fees/Assessments


You must know how much insurance is needed for the home you desire. This includes structure, personal property and flood coverage. Each aspect will vary based on the age, location and construction type. Do your research before viewing properties. On a side note, my previous experience, in the P&C insurance industry, is a huge benefit when trying to find your dream home.  



HOA Fees/Assessments


Educate yourself on the cost of an irrigation system (well or city), pest control, AC/Heating, as well as landscaping. All are additional expenses, which have a tendency to be ignored. Until they hit the pocketbook.  

Real Estate in Jacksonville. Real Estate in St. Augustine


HOA Fees/Assessments

HOA Fees/Assessments

HOA Fees/Assessments

It's imperative you fully grasp what is expected of you, by the HOA. This includes color schemes for the home, parking, size of unattached structures, decorations, pets and any assessments that might be part of the community/property (lift station, road work,sidewalks, etc...). 

Me and my History


Published Author/Poet

A Yankee Goes to Gettysburg (2009) was my first published book of poetry (written by me) and photos (taken by me). It attempts to immerse the reader in the history of the battle, the town and the overall feeling of the time. Since then, I have completed 2 fiction novels, 2 children's books and am in the middle of numerous novels, children's books and even a couple historic plays.


Realtor - Poet - Golf Instructor - Corporate Trainer/Recruiter

My unique background, allows me to show off my ability to differentiate, communicate and actuate. It's imperative we have all the facts, before we react. This, in conjunction with my creativity and personality, lends itself to quicker resolutions and a generally smoother process. My entire professional existence has been focused on the customer. Whether as a real estate agent, an author/poet, or a corporate trainer, I ALWAYS put the clients needs first. 


The Sun always Rises

Adversity and struggle will always show your true worth. Whether we're talking about personal, professional or financial. I've dealt with my fair share and it has driven me to be the best person I can be, in every aspect of life. I attempt to positively impact every individual I meet and make sure they know how special they are. Life is too short to waste energy on negative vibes. I aspire to be extraordinary each day and leave those around me in a better position. 

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If you're tired of the cold - Make a change! Rearrange your life and focus on what's important... YOU and your family. Sadly, most do not and are forced wonder "What if?" Don't be one of those people. Define your own destiny and live every second.  


Gary & Polly H. (St. Augustine, FL)

Are you looking for a realtor that minds every little detail?  And, will go the extra mile for you!

If so, Todd Coleman, at St. Augustine​ Coastal Real Estate​ is very likely your ideal, realtor consideration!  

Here are the top 3 reasons we recommend Todd Coleman.

  • First and foremost, personal service.  Honesty and integrity with demonstrated “above and beyond, caring” are key takeaways we found.  
  • Equally important, problem-solver mindset
  • Thirdly, attention to detail.  Todd quickly understood and responded to our needs.

You’ll quickly see, YOU matter to Todd!
Gary and Polly H.

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201 Yacht Club Dr #20, St. Augustine, FL 32084

Completely renovated Condo-tel unit, with incredible views of Camachee Cove. Coastal Realty rents it out, until you decide to rove. 105 days of personal use, or just make it an investment - Whatever you choose? Regardless, it’s a great opportunity. But you better make it quick, because people will love this community! 

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